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Oyez oyez

Hey people,

For next days, I will use my blog to share some experiences I lived recently, in pictures of course.

I will hopefully bind a short story to each post, share my thoughts …

Love, Nawel.


Displaced Palestinians leave a United Nations school in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip to return to their homes on Aug. 5, 2014. (Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

Back to tumblr :) Hi !


I’ll tell you about the way back and let the south journey finish with this shot…

because honestly, i can’t tell how much i felt Algeria present at that moment, a warm sunset in a pretty much cold atmosphere in the stony desert, Cheb Khaled roaring inside the car, a 70s “Peugeot 404” from Bourdj Bou Arrerij in front of me.

         It’s like every element is authentic, and yelling as loud as it can… “This is the heart of the country”


Askrem (Tamanrasset)

Like the wind it comes and goes


#Homeless family under one of Ghardaia’s bridges

…that boy exploded with joy, like no one ever approached him or even looked at him 

It’s true that they were afraid of us in the 1st time, something understandable when we imagine all the cruelty they saw from locals, but then they’ve opened their hearts.

    Lola and i enjoyed every second in their company, especially the little girl.

Jerry Tux : first baby Jerry made by awesome people in Algerian Jerry School Session (Algeria, december 2012)

More informations about the event coming …

Being there, inhaling the beauty, memorizing the sensations … and then…